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The DeepImpactXP warm-up and training bat is designed to assist hitters with a proper swing. The warm-up bat will train the hitter in delivering the quickest most direct path to the ball.  The warm-up bat will help the hitter to extend the arms through the hitting zone providing extra power at the plate.   Finally, the warm-up bat will provide proper hitter exercise and develop muscle and auditory memory for a proper swing when needed. The DeepImpactXP has a sliding weight that will release as the hitter swings the product (normal bat swing) and will allow the weight to impact the end of the bat at the correct moment of optimal bat-ball impact.  The DeepImpactXP will illustrate to the hitter (impact and auditory) any swing flaw due to improper impact timing. 

The product can be used in three different practice drills as illustrated below:

1. No ball / On-Deck circle swinging,
2. Hitting a ball off a tee, and
3. Hitting a soft toss ball. 

These various practice drills will help the hitter to develop more power and a consistent swing.  The product is not recommended with live pitching at any playing level.