Newport Beach drug detox facility

If you struggle with drug withdrawal regularly and cannot contain the symptoms, you need to come to our Newport Beach drug detox facility today. Coastline Behavioral Health offers detox services in a controlled and safe environment to help patients recover and prepare for inpatient treatment.

How drug detoxification treatment works

The detoxification program is essential for addiction victims who experience regular withdrawal and cannot contain cravings on their own. The treatment takes place at our facility in a confined environment, providing patients with safety, comfort, and luxurious living conditions. The treatment goes in three stages:

  • Clinical evaluation and preparation – The detox process relies primarily on medication to mitigate the withdrawal’s effects and stabilize the patient. You will undergo extensive clinical evaluation at our top-rated addiction rehab centers in Newport Beach, CA, to allow our experts to gather as much information about your condition as possible. This is standard procedure for tailoring the detox treatment to your unique medical and psychological needs, ensuring the program’s safety and comfort along the way.
  • Medication management – Our clinicians will devise a personalized medication plan to manage your withdrawal symptoms, calm your nervous system, and rebalance brain functioning. This phase may come with some physical and mental discomfort during the first 24-48 hours, depending on your addiction’s type, severity, withdrawal intensity, etc. After that critical period, your mind will begin to calm as the withdrawal slowly releases its grip. It’s critical to have a team of competent rehab professionals by your side during this phase, which is why coming to our Newport Beach inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers can be a life-saving decision.
  • Preparation for inpatient care – The inpatient drug rehab in Newport Beach follows detox and helps patients recover and heal in a structured and luxurious environment. Prior to starting the treatment, patients will undergo therapy and counseling, allowing them to control cravings, overcome the withdrawal symptoms, and regain their mental and emotional stability.

Will drug detox hurt?

The detoxification treatment will include some physical and mental pain and discomfort, depending on your addiction’s severity. You should expect the worst symptoms to unfold during the first couple of days of treatment, after which the intensity goes down fast. The good news is that our rehab professionals will supervise the detox program throughout its entire duration, providing personalized assistance to minimize the procedure’s discomfort.

You don’t need to worry about fighting your problems alone anymore. Our rehab in Newport Beach welcomes you in a vibrant community, where you will meet people dealing with similar issues themselves. We encourage our patients to interact with each other, open their hearts, and find mutual support during the treatment for a wholesome recovery experience.

If you’re ready to join our CA drug and alcohol rehab program, call 714-841-2260 and come in for assessment and treatment preparation today. Coastline Behavioral Health invites you to our leading Newport Beach drug detox facility to defeat addiction for good. This is your chance to discover who you are and embark on a liberating journey of rehab, healing, and enlightenment.

Newport Beach drug detox facility
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Newport Beach drug detox facility
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