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Even Newbies Can Kayak In Medellin

You have not really enjoyed your vacation until you kayak in Medellin especially when you do it along with a couple of friends. You need to order the service from one of the companies that have the human and material resources for visitors to kayak in Medellin.

Even if you are a novice, you can kayak in Medellin with the support of experienced guides staying beside you all through the trips. There are other water activities apart from kayaking. You can also decide to enjoy some rafting too. And most importantly, you can go for paragliding too.

Paragliding gives a different kind of experience even though it is also a water activity. Your parasail will be towed by a motor boat before it shoots you into the sky and you will hover in the sky for about twenty minutes. That is nothing but fun at its peak. Apart from enjoying water activities, there are other things you can do in Medellin.

Take a cup of Colombian coffee

Nothing can be revitalizing and reinvigorating like a cup of Colombian coffee after a hectic but thrilling kayak session or paragliding session. Here, it is important to point out the fact that Colombian coffee is not just coffee. It is much more refreshing and tastier than most kinds of coffee.

Remember, Colombia is known for their coffee. Colombia is among the three largest coffee producers in the world. One thing is clear. You have not really visited Colombia if you have not taken Colombian coffee. Medellin has so many coffee shops. In fact there is a coffee shop in every part of Medellin. No matter which location you are, you can always get a coffee shop around.

Visit Club Campestre

This club is said to be one of Medellin’s oldest private golf and tennis clubs. Both of them are in one location. The compound is very big and visitors are around to walk round and take snap shots. You may not need a guide here. Besides, visitors are allowed to walk around free. In case nobody accosts you, don’t think security officials are not aware of your presence. They are watching. They only show up when it is necessary.

They have a lot of sporting facilities. However, it will be a different ball game if you arrive when an event is taking place. You will see the complex in a totally different form. Then, you may not be free to move around as you want.

The Medellin Interactive Museum of Science

This museum stands out from other museums in terms of the facilities and exhibits it offers. It is one of the most maintained museums in Colombia. The museum does not only promote Colombian Education, it also promotes better understanding of science and science-related activities towards the improvement of human lives.

Being a science museum does not mean it is only for science students. Other students can also relate well with the exhibits. What will amaze you most are the non-animated two dimensional photos that you can see, touch, feel and even hear.

There are several other places you can visit in Medellin. These are just few of them. Medellin has a lot centers, museums and parks.


Kayak Medellin

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