federal firearms license Chicago

federal firearms license Chicago

Need help getting your Federal Firearms License in Chicago? If so, visit Midwest Guns and Range. We make the process quick and painless. There are websites out there that will charge you a fee to walk you through the process and try to make it easier for you. Hopefully, you won't need that because Midwest Guns and Range will help you get a FFL.

What are the Requirements for an FFL?

The first thing that you need to think about is your age. You must be 21-years-old to get the FFL. Those who have a criminal background of any significance will be disqualified from applying. If you can't own a firearm, then you're not going to be able to sell one either, which means no FFL for you.

The next questions is, are you doing this for profit? If you're not doing this for money, then you're not eligible for an FFL. This type of license does not exist for you to expand your gun collection. Rather, the FFL is a business license only. You will be asked many times about this, so be ready.

What's on the FFL Application?

The application itself is very self-explanatory. Most of the questions that you will be asked are questions like, what is your name, what's your address, and all of the other questions you would expect on an application like this. If you have not yet established your business phone, you can use Google Voice, which is an excellent service.

You will need to bring $200 for the payment with you in the form of credit or debit. Midwest Guns and Range will make sure that your application is filled out and submitted correctly. Wrongful information or submission may result in a denied application and a forfeiture of money, which means you will have to start the process all over again and pay again also.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

We will need to use your business address on the application, so make sure you're ready to receive mail at your establishment. Although the ATF doesn't care if your location is commercial or residential, Illinois laws dictate that an establishment must operate from a commercial location. Put simply; you cannot operate a firearms business from within your home in Chicago.

We are also going to need to list your hours of business. The ATF will stop by at some random point throughout the year during your hours of business. Therefore, it is important that we list these on your application. Also, keep in mind that some distributors require that you do at least 32 hours of business a week to do business with you.

Make sure you bring some 2x2, passport-style photographs of yourself taken within the last 30 days. You can have this done at CVS or Walgreen's, or Midwest Guns and Range can help you with it.

We'll make four copies of your application. Copy 1 will go back to the ATF. Copies 2 and 4 are yours to keep, and copy 3 goes to the CLEO (chief law enforcement officer).

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federal firearms license Chicago
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federal firearms license Chicago
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